Satellite Internet Providers, are your solution to not being able to have high speed Internet access in your area

Cable and DSL services are spreading around the world, especially because of the dependency people have on the Internet.

However, there are still many locations where this technology is not available. Reasons may include: too great a distance from ISPs , or just that the area is not yet equipped with these services. Nevertheless, those of you who don’t have access to high speed Internet can turn to Satellite Internet providers for comfort.

Satellite Internet does not use telephone lines (used in DSL) or cable systems (used in cable Internet ), but instead uses a satellite dish for a two-way upload and download data interaction. A satellite ISP company provides its users with a two-foot by three-foot dish , two modems (uplink and downlink), and coaxial cables between dish to connect the dish and the modem . To be able to set up the high speed satellite Internet access the key requirement is to have a clear view to the south.

Satellite Internet Providers

Similar to satellite television, heavy rains may cause a temporally block to the satellite waves. The greatest benefit satellite has to offer is that it’s available in areas DSL, cable, and wireless aren’t. Satellite Internet excels in places such as small towns, and places where¬†distance prevents the use of DSL or cable.

With satellite Internet , upload speeds are about 50 kbps and download speeds are about 500 kbps. Cable and DSL can reach a much higher download and upload speed. Nevertheless, satellite Internet is about 10 times faster than regular dial-up modem speeds.