If you travel frequently and consider yourself an Internet junkie then having a global ISP is vital to you!

If you are a frequent traveller faced with the ever-present need to access the Internet, connecting to the Internet through your hotel may prove to be too expensive of a solution.

Many Internet service providers provide a service called global ISP and global Internet roaming, which may very well prove to the best way to have an inexpensive ISP while you travel around the globe.

An international Internet access is much like a regular ISP, the main difference being that international Internet access uses POPs, or points of presence, which are local access numbers in any city around the globe. These Internet providers often have permanent locations overseas which serve as integral parts in their operation, making it possible for you to access the Internet in the areas of these permanent locations. Another way they may provide global Internet access to their customers is by having cooperative agreements with local ISP companies. These local agreement rates may vary greatly from area to area.If you travel frequently and consider yourself an Internet junkie then having a global ISP is vital to you! Another option for the global traveler is the use of global roaming services, which is the use of a local Internet provider’s Internet access. This is done through cooperative agreements and partnerships, made with numerous international ISPs around the globe, to provide you with a price which is significantly less than long distance charges. Nonetheless, even though you are dialing in through a different provider, you can continue to use your regular web browser, e-mail program or any programs which use the Internet.


Many business travelers and frequent Internet users are prone to neglect signing up to a service which provides global Internet access in order to save money. However, these users will most likely end up paying very high hotel telephone bills. So as the saying goes, “It’s better to be safe to be sorry.” For those of you who fall under the category of frequent traveler and frequent Internet user it is fundamental to have some kind of international ISP service to count on when you’re around the globe.