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Traditional dial-up Internet service providers access the Internet through the public telephone network at about 56 Kbps. Comcast Internet , on the other hand, uses a cable modem, which connects through high speed Internet connections. Download speeds are up to 5 times faster than 768Kbps DSL, and up to 70 times faster than 56K dial-up.

Comcast cable Internet service conveniently uses your already existing TV cables to connect to the Internet. When an ISP installs cable modem services to your home, a splitter is installed to separate the coaxial cable line, sending information to the cable modem from the same line that sends information to your TV set. This means that by using Comcast cable Internet service you will remain connected to the Internet day and night, without having to worry about getting disconnected any time you receive a phone call.

Comcast Internet service provides their customers with several added features which help them to do much more on the Internet than you ever thought possible. These added features include:

• Availability of up to 7 different email accounts

• Constant Internet connection

• Ability to connect up to five Internet-ready devices through one single cable connection 

• Availability of up to 175MB of online storage

• Free firewall for one year  

• Disney Connection

• Streaming Music

• Comcast Photo Center

• Games Galore


With Comcast high speed Internet access, you don't merely get a connection to the Internet--you get a full selection of features for you and your family to use to help you get the most out of the Net. With Comcast, you can do much more with the Internet than you ever thought possible. If you want fast, reliable, and constant Internet access, then Comcast high speed Internet is your choice.


6.0MB of High Speed Internet - Get COMCAST INTERNET

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