Your guide to finding low cost Internet Service Providers

There are over 7,000 ISPs in the United States alone; some cost mere pebbles, while others can be much more expensive.  

 When considering the price for Internet access, many wonder if paying such a high price is really worth it.This website will serve as a guide to help you in deciding which type of Internet access can be considered a high quality and low cost Internet service provider. Choosing Internet service providers that stay at a low cost while at the same time remaining high in quality can be complicated if you do not know of the many different options available to access the Internet. Cable, DSL and Satellite are the three main ISP categories which you must consider looking into. A dial-up connection can also be considered if you are someone who rarely accesses the Internet and who is also looking for a cheap ISP.

Drawing of an efficient netflow

The average fee for cable Internet is typically between the range of $35 to $45 a month. This is much less than the $40 or $50 you would pay for using DSL and also much less than the $70 cost of having to pay for satellite Internet service. In other words cable Internet service providers = a low cost Internet provider. However, many ISPs may charge up to $100 in additional fees to hook everything up and install all the needed equipment. Nonetheless, many cable companies who drive on the low costing ISP as their image offer promotions which completely waive any installation fees, or allow you to install the cable modem and cable wires yourself. Fortunately, it does not take rocket science to figure out this do-it-your-self option.

Cable Internet service providers cost less than other broadband Internet service providers. Not only are cable ISPs considerably faster and available to a much larger population, but their installation is very simple and easy to get started. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a cheap Internet service provider, and don’t care about the benefits of high speed Internet access, you may consider looking into dial-up connections, which charge about $10 to $30 per month for an unlimited plan. Furthermore, for the ultimate low costing Internet access, there are free ISPs. However, with these free ISPs, don’t expect much extra value, and do expect a lot of ads.